Know What Is Mermaid and Trumpet Evening Dress

Among all dresses, mermaid evening dresses and trumpet evening dresses are popular. They are powerful to showcase women's femininity. Normally, mermaid or also known as fish tail has fitted upper bodice that hugs your body and flare out from the knee, resembling a mermaid tail or fish tail.

There is something sexy and irresistible about mermaid style evening dress. Don’t you agree? The reasoning is because a mermaid trumpet evening dresses sort of like mimic the shape of an hourglass figure. That’s why men and women alike find mermaid & trumpet dress style alluring and desirable!

Trumpet style meanwhile has fitted upper bodice to mid-thigh where it flares out mimicking a trumpet shape.

The FABULOSITY of mermaid and trumpet evening prom dresses:
1. Glamorous high-fashion silhouette.
2. Has feminine touch which is alluring & sexy.
3. Provide curves when you need it and flatters curves if you already have it.

Are mermaid and trumpet evening dresses suitable for all body shapes?
Certainly. Whether you’re pear, banana, apple, inverted triangle or hourglass, you can definitely wear mermaid and trumpet style. However do know that mermaid and trumpet dress style will highlight your curves particularly your waist and hips. It also emphasizes your stomach area.

If you’re uncomfortable in accentuating these areas, it’s best to forgo mermaid and trumpet evening dress because one need to be confident in wearing any type of evening gowns.

Mermaid and trumpet style are glamorous and enchanting without being overly sexy. No matter which of the two silhouettes you chooses as your evening gown, know that you’ve made the right choice! :)

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