Ways to Store Your Evening Prom Dress

Beofre storage, you need to clean your evening dress online properly, then cool it to avoid hunidity. Also, put it in dark, dry places to keep its shape and quality. Then, it's your time to store them in your wardrobe. Four ways are introduced:

The advantage of hanging a garment is to prevent difficult-to-remove creases. Invest in a good quality hanger that will hold up the weight of the dress – especially if the dress has beads or other adornments. Line the hanger with tissue paper and hang the dress up using any garment straps for extra support. That’s what those annoying long straps are for!

Walk-In Closet
If there is any beading on the dress, cover or wrap it in tissue paper to protect it. Stuff tissue into the bodice, sleeves and any deep folds in the fabric to help keep the shape of the dress. Store the dress in a garment bag made of cloth such as unbleached, un-dyed muslin so that it can breathe. Do not use plastic for long-term storage.

Use an acid-free, sturdy cardboard storage box or sweater bag, and line it with tissue paper. For new arrival prom dresses, especially heavily beaded gowns, lay the hem in the box first, then fold the dress. If the dress is very long, lay it down accordion-style with tissue paper between each fold. Make sure you wrap each garment like this and lay them one on top of another in the box.

For men and women, suits should be hung on a quality wooden suit hanger that has a shape to the shoulder and arches forward slightly to support and maintain the shape of the suit jacket's shoulders. For pants, you can either hang them on felted clamp hangers to keep them smooth or fold them over using the “Saville Row fold,” developed by famous London suit tailors. Take the pants by the legs and fold one through the hanger until the hem reaches the crotch the fold the second leg similarly over the first.

Suits need circulating air, so don't jam several suits into one garment bag. Use either a canvas or cloth garment bag, which is good for both cotton or wool fabrics. To keep moths away, store your suits with cedar blocks. The best way to store wool suits and other woolens is in a custom made cedar closet to insure they are completely protected.

Hope the above ways to store the evening prom dresses are helpful. For a stylish special occasion dresses, wedding dress and dresses for mothers, choose eDressit.

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